So Happy Tgether

The girls of the Tgether Blogger Network are some of my favourite bloggers. I’ve always loved The Visual Journal by Raya Rossi, Baked the Blog by Aisha Baker and Fashion Breed by Aqeelah Harron; I had just started reading Shades of Gold by Talya Goldberg when the network launched, and although I had never heard of Leluvette by Tanya Mwamwetta, I love it too! Forming a network was Talya’s idea – a brilliant one. It’s South Africa’s first fashion blogger network, and like any network the idea is to be able to find all your favourite bloggers in one place, while discovering new ones as well, I guess. The Now Manifest, featuring the beloved ADR, as well as Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely and her BFF Brian Boy, is the only other (relevant) fashion blog network I know of. I got to thinking, this is a really good idea, so these probably aren’t the only ones out there. Most of what I found were really just websites with ridiculous blogrolls as their main feature – no curation or quality control whatsoever. Others were blogger support groups, or resources/advice/how-to sites, like IFB (love IFB so much it’s insane). No worries, I managed to find a couple for you to check out! Local is lekker, so Tgether gets to go first.




Bloggers – Talya Goldberg, Tanya Mwamwetta, Raya Rossi, Aisha Baker, and Aqeelah Harron

Location – Talya, Aisha, and Raya are all based in Cape Town, South Africa; Tanya lives in Los Angeles, and Aqeelah is a frequent traveler (in aviation) based in the Middle East.

Content – The premium end of fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. It can get a little monotonous though, since the things they cover (cafe reviews, personal style, travel pictures, fashion/culture event photos) are quite similar. The pictures are always great though, which is SO important for me.

Cool stuff – They will be adding another blogger to the Tgether family at the end of the month – and it will probably be a guy. This will hopefully add a distinctively different point of view to the mix. My Twitter conversation with them (and my friend@xofoyin) two weeks ago:

tweets with tgether

Who will be the next Tgether blogger?

Now Manifest

The Now Manifest

The Now Manifest

Bloggers – Anna Dello Russo, Bryan Yambao (Bryanboy), Rumi Neely, Elin Kling, Derek Blasberg, Industrie Magazine

Location – Anna’s in Milan, Industrie’s in London, Rumi’s in LA, Bryan works from New York, Paris, and Milan, and Elin and Derek are both in New York.

Content – So varied! Anna is all about vivid, exciting editorials, lookbooks and red carpet images; Industrie posts fashion industry culture and personality pieces; Bryan’s is a personal style, travel, and lifestyle blog; Derek’s blog has great writing features and a visual peek into his fashionable life; Elin’s posts are about fashion news and her style on and off the editorial set; and Rumi’s Fashion Toast is all about her awesome-yet-accessible personal style.

Cool stuff: reading the Now manifest during fashion week (any one of the big 4) is so fun – all the different perspectives on the same event make for great coverage; you’ll feel like you were there. They’re all fashion people, but they work in different circles on different kinds of projects, and that keeps it interesting. The new homepage is awesome too.

The Guardian UK

Fashion blog badge

The Guardian UK Fashion Blog

Blogs – Frocks and Frou Frou for full-figured style, Costume and Culture for an academic take on why we wear the things we wear, Street Views for fresh, unaffected street style from London, Grey Fox for guiding and inspiring the stylish gentleman, Did You Make That for hand crafted style, and Face Goop for skincare, cosmetics,and fragrance fun.

Location – The UK

Content – The world of fashion – definitively categorized. Each blog addresses a different audience, or a different need of the same audience. The blend works because no one is left out – the dudes, the street style fanatics, the nerds, the crafters – everyone’s satisfied.

Cool stuff – they have a common post page, but each one is still a full, independent blog. So none of the content gets watered down = Happiness. 🙂

Details Style Network

Details Network

The Details Style Network

Bloggers – Fashion Beans, Cool Men’s Hair, Driven, Lovely Package, and a host of other contributors found here.

Location – Contributors from all around the globe

Content – Men’s fashion, grooming, and design.

Cool stuff – Details’ set up is more like a multi-author blog; this works too since you get all your content as a clear, singular stream, and you can filter content by a particular author if you want to.

Viva the collective awesomeness! I’m also featured on another blog by the way; you can check out some of my past work, some of the content from this blog, and some original content that I’ve created for

K’bye. 🙂


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