About Fists

So, you probably have some questions. 🙂

The Girl?
Modupe Oloruntoba, 20, Fashion design student. I love to share, and I love the internet, so I started a blog. Let’s just pretend it had nothing to do with my intense envy of style bloggers the world over, especially the young and talented Tavi Gevinson.
My first attempts at blogging were centered around my desire to share my work as I progressed through my fashion design diploma. Being the perfectionist that I was, when assignments didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted them to – which was often – I wouldn’t post them. So that was a bust.
In round 2, I wanted to share fashion events and personal style. Didn’t go to many events. Didn’t have much style. Another bust.
So in Round 3, I let go, casually blogging at will, on whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. This freeing experience gave me a better idea of what I want to say, how I want to say it, and how to present it to the world. It didn’t do much for my style, but it changed the way I think about style. I still wanted to do it ‘right’ though. I wanted a digital sharing space that I could enjoy and be proud of; something that showed the world who I am, and allowed me to be a part of other people’s worlds.
So here we are in Round 4. I’m still learning, still growing, and still loving/hating this insane industry and the idea of a definitive personal style, but I still really need to share.
So, 4th time’s a charm?

The Blog?
A space for documenting my experiences in fashion – from all my firsts to the things I am now well-versed in. It is for style appreciation, fashion feats, applauding the amazing, and laughing at the silly. It is for the insider to learn and grow, and it is for the outsider to feel like part of the family. It is for sharing my accomplishments and failures, and celebrating growth – my own, and that of the local/global industry. It is for inspiring long-time enthusiasts and cultivating new ones. It is for words and images to tell great fashion stories.

The Name?
Completely random. I got into the fashion blogging game a little late – so many of the ‘good’ names were already taken. Factor in the fact that this is already my 4th shot, and you can see my dilemma. ‘Fashion’s Fist’ (Tumblr) was my attempt at personifying fashion, and that’s the first time I used the name. I want to produce content that is like the content I like to read: distinctive, engaging, and visually compelling, with the all-important difference that it is mine. I am the filter: Curiously odd, oddly curious, fascinated by the uncommon, and by the world at large. I am a 21st Century global citizen, a Nigerian, and an African. I like things that amaze, amuse, and inform me, and fashion does that. I like to think that my writing comes across as punchy – a fun, easy read, with a little something extra. So in a way, my content has grown into the blog name.

Stay a while and play. 🙂


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