So Happy Tgether

The girls of the Tgether Blogger Network are some of my favourite bloggers. I’ve always loved The Visual Journal by Raya Rossi, Baked the Blog by Aisha Baker and Fashion Breed by Aqeelah Harron; I had just started reading Shades of Gold by Talya Goldberg when the network launched, and although I had never heard of Leluvette by Tanya Mwamwetta, I love it too! Forming a network was Talya’s idea – a brilliant one. It’s South Africa’s first fashion blogger network, and like any network the idea is to be able to find all your favourite bloggers in one place, while discovering new ones as well, I guess. The Now Manifest, featuring the beloved ADR, as well as Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely and her BFF Brian Boy, is the only other (relevant) fashion blog network I know of. I got to thinking, this is a really good idea, so these probably aren’t the only ones out there. Most of what I found were really just websites with ridiculous blogrolls as their main feature – no curation or quality control whatsoever. Others were blogger support groups, or resources/advice/how-to sites, like IFB (love IFB so much it’s insane). No worries, I managed to find a couple for you to check out! Local is lekker, so Tgether gets to go first.

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The Dress Doctor

I first heard of Edith Head a couple of years ago, when my uncle started sending me fashion magazines from the USA. In one of our chats, we’d talked about fashion films; we both love movies. He said he would try to find a few Edith Head movies to send me. I looked her up immediately and I was shocked.

34 Academy Award nominations. 34.Who does that? And who actually wins 8 of them?

I found a few of her famous quotes, read a bit about her relationships with the amazing people she dressed (Everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Zsa Zsa Gabor), wrote down the names of a handful of the 437 films and TV shows she worked on, and resolved to do more investigation later. I didn’t do much; she came up in a fashion history project once, but that was it. Then yesterday, I found myself in the fashion section of my campus library, looking for something to occupy me while I get my hair done today – it’s always a whole day affair. I found this:

Edith Head Dress Doctor

The Dress Doctor – an adaptation of the Edith Head bestseller.


Perfect, I thought. It’s time I got to know the Dress Doctor a little better. 

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New Faves: Glitz & Grammar, Part Nouveau, and Peace Love Shea

Hello Lovelies. 🙂

I have a confession to make: I only recently started reading fashion blogs again. I love to read, and as long as it’s not trashy or grotesque, or so badly written that I’m telepathically screaming at the author by the end of page one, I’ll read just about anything. I haven’t read a book in ages, and before I knew it I wasn’t reading my favourite fashion blogs anymore either. Time gets away from me, what with a full-time design course on my plate, but that was never really the reason. The truth is, I got bored. The blogging game is so chock-full of content now, it just became too much for me at one point. Everything had started to look the same, and once that happens there’s really no appeal anymore. I needed a cleanse – I had allowed too much mediocrity and blandness to enter my inner circle of fashion sources, so I stopped. Then I missed it – so much! I missed the funniness of Honestly WTF, the envy inducing style of the old Not So Naked blog, the confounding can’t-look-away appeal of Fifi Lapin. So I returned this year. I returned to actually reading, appreciating, and leaving thoughtful comments. I unfollowed and unliked the irrelevant and kept my eyes open for content that would keep me interested. The result? 3 of my new favourite blogs:

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OMGICBTIAT – Ohmigosh, I can’t believe this is a THING: 12.29 Olfactory Branding

Everything that is now widely accepted as awesome was once new and innovative, and at some point in history, was probably thought to be odd.
Someone has an idea, and thinks, Hmm, no one’s ever done that before. They get all excited, but when their enthusiasm is met with weird looks and comments like, Err, are you sure about that?, they think twice about jumping in. However, the brave minds who ignore the naysayers and forge ahead in all their unconventional glory often pave the way for great new ideas to become a part of the world we live in. I absolutely love it when this happens in the world of fashion. I shudder to think of what my wardrobe would be if that first woman hadn’t said, I’m wearing pants today, and the world will just have to deal.

1229 Profile

Dawn and Samantha Goldworm

One such beacon of newness is a field called olfactory branding – the art of creating a brand identity has now been extended to include scent.

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