New Faves: Glitz & Grammar, Part Nouveau, and Peace Love Shea

Hello Lovelies. 🙂

I have a confession to make: I only recently started reading fashion blogs again. I love to read, and as long as it’s not trashy or grotesque, or so badly written that I’m telepathically screaming at the author by the end of page one, I’ll read just about anything. I haven’t read a book in ages, and before I knew it I wasn’t reading my favourite fashion blogs anymore either. Time gets away from me, what with a full-time design course on my plate, but that was never really the reason. The truth is, I got bored. The blogging game is so chock-full of content now, it just became too much for me at one point. Everything had started to look the same, and once that happens there’s really no appeal anymore. I needed a cleanse – I had allowed too much mediocrity and blandness to enter my inner circle of fashion sources, so I stopped. Then I missed it – so much! I missed the funniness of Honestly WTF, the envy inducing style of the old Not So Naked blog, the confounding can’t-look-away appeal of Fifi Lapin. So I returned this year. I returned to actually reading, appreciating, and leaving thoughtful comments. I unfollowed and unliked the irrelevant and kept my eyes open for content that would keep me interested. The result? 3 of my new favourite blogs:

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