Elle + BlackBerry: Style Reporter 2013 – The Semi-Finals

Elle magazine style reporter 2013 semi final modupe oloruntoba

Elle + BlackBerry Style Reporter 2013 Semi-Finalists

I had just gotten back from a Lion’s Head hike with some friends on Heritage Day when I checked my phone and saw a post from a friend on my Facebook wall, congratulating me. I was confused for a second, but I caught on after reading a tweet from the same friend a few seconds later. I made it into Elle’s Style Reporter 2013 semi-finals!

I said I would be entering in this post, then changed my mind, and at the last minute, changed it back after a classmate convinced me to go for it. Did I scream? Yes, so loudly that I think I may have scared our neighbors. I’ve pretty much planned my year (2014, that is) around this job, because that’s how much I want it! I have to wait until next week to find out about the next round, but I am looking forward to the whole experience. Elle asked that we create street style blogs solely for entry into the competition. Check mine out at City Habit, or follow the Cape of Good Vogue link at the top of the page. You can also click through the image to Elle’s official semi-finalist post, and let Elle know what you think of my work (I’ve put up a handful of posts, but only the first one, Style & the Street, will be judged as my entry.) Right now, I’m waiting for a second round of judging to take place, after which the finalists will be announced. If I make that list, I will be focusing on blogging there until the end of the competition, and I will keep Fashion’s Fists updated when I can. When it ends in December, I’ll buy both domain names and decide what to do next. Just making the semi-finals has been huge for me, and I can’t wait to get started on the challenges after next week’s judging. Because, you know, they’ll definitely pick me.  Ha ha. No, really. 🙂


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