It’s Chilled: People’s Revolution pulls out of David Tlale show at New York Fashion Week

Fashion in New York, especially this week, is something else: beautiful, innovative, & powerful. It is an amazing world, but even as an observer, you can see that operating in it really only comes down to three simple things:

1. Work hard to get your foot in the door.

2. Work harder to make sure your foot stays there.

3. Don’t mess with Kelly Cutrone.

South African designer David Tlale, albeit accidentally, broke the third rule this week when he failed to make good on a payment to Kelly’s famed fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution. Miss Cutrone being, well, Miss Cutrone, such errant practice could not go unpunished  unaddressed. In an email sent to show guests (shared by, People’s Revolution announced the following:

People’s Revolution is canceling our participation in the David Tlale show, Thursday September 5 9:30am in the Box at Lincoln Center as we have not been paid. Please note no one from production will be in attendance.

Very Best,
People’s Revolution

Kelly says she sent the email as a professional courtesy to guests – just to let them know. “If you don’t honor your agreement, you’re no longer in our care,” is what Kelly told Tlale on Wednesday, according to WWD. On the other side, David says he planned to square with People’s Revolution on the day of the show, but payments were delayed, and Kelly would not wait. He played the Coming-from-South-Africa card (yes, it is in fact a card), but I’m almost okay with that, because I am of the opinion that this whole affair was much ado about close to nothing. Tlale should have paid People’s Revolution on time, and the fashion populace shouldn’t have taken the very appropriate email sent to show guests out of its professional context and into ‘Ice Cold Cutrone’ context. Simple as that.

What should be done? David can learn from this misstep and move on – as the rest of us should. The show must go on, and it did. There’s too much running to do, too many shows to see, and too many badly lit runway instagram videos to take to keep any of your energy and attention focused on something that is already over. We do love our drama, but let’s keep it together, kids.

Calm down over it chill

What shouldn’t be done? The usual ridiculous broken telephone game we fashion people love to play, that ends in the formation of another EFF (Epic Fashion Feud), followed by article retractions and corrections, or ‘updates’.

Bring it on

Let’s just keep it calm on this one, a’ight? Okay, I think I’m done. Happy Rosh Hashanah to any Jewish readers happening upon my rambling, and to all, a fabulous weekend.

Source: Huffington Post [Kudos to Huffington Post, WWD, and Fashionista for all spelling ‘Tlale’ correctly. Seriously.]


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