Things I learned at Zando


As an industry placement project my class got to take on real-world experience for a month at different establishments. We had the option of being placed by our lecturers or finding our own places to work. Some students went to retailers like Woolworths and Keedo, some went to high fashion brands like Gavin Rajah and Rosenworth, and a few even worked in couture, one of them with Hendrik Vermeulen. I decided a while ago that I’m not going to be a designer right away, so I wanted to make sure I got experience that aligned with that, widening my portfolio a bit, toward trend forecasting and fashion journalism. A former classmate is the assistant trend forecaster at South African online retailer, and when I asked her to send me the contact details of their HR department so I could ask about applying for a placement there, she got back to me by telling me she’d get me the job! Thanks Zak, it was super awesome of you. So for 4 weeks, I assisted her with research and compiled trend reports, and it was great. I miss it now; the pace, the work, the orange floors. But it had to end, since we still have graduate collections to finish, history papers to write, and business classes to suffer through. So here’s what I learned at Zando:

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