New Faves: Glitz & Grammar, Part Nouveau, and Peace Love Shea

Hello Lovelies. 🙂

I have a confession to make: I only recently started reading fashion blogs again. I love to read, and as long as it’s not trashy or grotesque, or so badly written that I’m telepathically screaming at the author by the end of page one, I’ll read just about anything. I haven’t read a book in ages, and before I knew it I wasn’t reading my favourite fashion blogs anymore either. Time gets away from me, what with a full-time design course on my plate, but that was never really the reason. The truth is, I got bored. The blogging game is so chock-full of content now, it just became too much for me at one point. Everything had started to look the same, and once that happens there’s really no appeal anymore. I needed a cleanse – I had allowed too much mediocrity and blandness to enter my inner circle of fashion sources, so I stopped. Then I missed it – so much! I missed the funniness of Honestly WTF, the envy inducing style of the old Not So Naked blog, the confounding can’t-look-away appeal of Fifi Lapin. So I returned this year. I returned to actually reading, appreciating, and leaving thoughtful comments. I unfollowed and unliked the irrelevant and kept my eyes open for content that would keep me interested. The result? 3 of my new favourite blogs:

1. Glitz and Grammar

Anja Van der Spuy of Glitz and Grammar

Anja Van der Spuy of Glitz and Grammar

The Blogger: Local blogger Anja Van der Spuy – known to her twitter followers as Anja Wintour – is a self-professed ‘Leopard in a concrete jungle’. She’s also an online content creator for LEGiT. I was on when I spotted her in the ‘Today I’m wearing‘ segment. I found her on facebook and twitter immediately after –  I had to have more! She is possibly one of the funniest fashionistas on the planet. I’d put her sense of humour right up there with Leandra Medine’s (The Man Repeller).

Blog love: The blog is separated into 2 parts – the glitz, which is made up of fabulous personal style images, a little DIY, and some photo shoots she’s featured in, all accompanied by witty commentary; and the grammar, which is just more witty commentary on her interests, celebrity madness, and life in general. The blog also includes her advertising portfolio and her celebrity burn book – IT’S BETTER THAN SURI’S. I love that whether she writes a sentence or a paragraph, she keeps me there until the end of the post – and then I want another one.

Favourite posts: A personalised beanie DIY, A red carpet rant, and an epic post that is nothing more than a title and a picture (because all things are made epic by adding Mean Girls references).

2.  Part Nouveau

Lilah Ramzi of Part Nouveau

Lilah Ramzi of Part Nouveau

The Blogger: Fashion History graduate Lilah Ramzi finds and presents antique, vintage, and retro fashion images with their contemporary dopplegangers, side by side. She’s a former intern for the CFDA, who now does freelance work for them, so naturally I kinda wanna be her.

Blog love: Classy and informative. It’s not a name-and-shame-the-copycats thing; appropriation done right can be really beautiful, like a daughter recreating one of her mother’s old photos. It’s about real appreciation for the geniuses who came before us, and giving credit where credit is due. I’m a bit of a fashion history nerd, so I really love that she gives you a little information about the original image. Lilah makes it interesting and easy to read, so if you hate academic jargon, you will still love this blog. It feels more like an old love story than a history lesson. Some of the similarities are just uncanny; she’s a whiz at finding the best of the new, directly inspired by the old.

Favourite posts: Worth While, Flower Girls, and Sir Realist

3. Peace Love Shea

Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea

Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea

The Blogger: Hollywood native Shea Marie is as chic as they come. She rose to blogger stardom with a blog called Cheyenne meets Chanel; it looks as though she’s replaced it with this one. She is a stylist, a host and a designer, and is actually pretty good at all three – not your regular slasher. I want her wardrobe – it’s Bling Ring robbery worthy. I want her height, I want her make up (in my shades of course), I want her dedication to healthy food, and I even want her cat. Its name is Katmoss.

Blog love: Shea’s blog is the only one of the three to feature video content – fashion’s new frontier, just FYI. I read this blog for global glamour inspiration – this girl has been to so many places across South America, the USA and Europe. She takes great photos, which is a major plus because even if the rest of the content is stellar, a bad photo often ruins it all for me. International fashion content can be depressing since its not available to me, a credit card-less student halfway across the world, but her style is just. so. fresh! You’ll find lots of inspiration for injecting glamour into even the most casual outfit. You’ll also find yummy recipes for guilt-free indulgence; she makes skinny versions of all kinds of meals. I am a pasta lover, so I really appreciate this.

Favourite posts: A ‘City Slicker‘ look,  A ‘Sweat Chic‘ look, and a Skinny Mediterranean Pasta

All photos link back to their sites. Enjoy the day off; and remember why we have it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Faves: Glitz & Grammar, Part Nouveau, and Peace Love Shea

  1. I agree with you regarding Ms Van Der Spuy. Not a huge fashionista myself (as I do wear K-Way from time to time.) A brand she says would NEVER touch her skin. But I must say, find her Blog and Tweets highly entertaining

    • You are my first commenter! I’m sending you a warm virtual hug 🙂

      And yes, Anja’s awesome. I love fashion, but I seem to have lost my sense of style sometime in the past few years… I have a post from my old blog about that; I’ll repost it here soon. I’m sitting here typing this in a Slazenger jacket (might as well be K-way), and I’m a fashion design student. I’m probably going to fashion hell. How sad…

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